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Government CSR

St Ferrer is pre-qualified on the Construction Supplier Register (CSR) to the Department of Treasury and Finance.

Meet St Ferrer’s Directors


Our team consists of construction managers, project managers, estimators, site managers and labourers

Christopher Bertacco Pre-Construction Director at St Ferrer Building Contractors

Christopher Bertacco

Chris has a wide range of experience and is a highly regarded strong performer within the construction industry delivering over 20 years of projects. He has a background in estimating, site management, contract administration and project management.

As Pre-Construction Manager, Chris ensures the investment in pre-project detail ensures the building experience runs as smooth as possible. He reviews trade quality, defects and program to make sure that the project is on track to what was promised at engagement.

Daniel Burmeister Construction Director at St Ferrer Building Contractors

Daniel Burmeister

With over 25 years in the construction industry, Daniel’s track record includes the successful completion of numerous high value projects, including; mixed use residential developments, data centres, new build construction and high-end corporate fit outs and refurbishments.

As Construction Manager at St Ferrer, Daniel puts his well-developed project management skills to use tracking job progress, controlling project costs and scheduling operational tasks to ensure projects are completed on time and within budget. Daniel’s strong work ethic and interpersonal skills allow him to liaise effectively with clients and stakeholders to achieve top results and meet deadlines.

Will Browne Construction Manager at St Ferrer Building Contractors

Will Browne

With over 15 years of experience in the construction industry, Will has worked across various commercial construction sectors, including retail, health, education and fit out/refurbishment. As Construction Manager, Will utilises his extensive experience to support the St Ferrer team.

Will’s attention to detail and focus on the client’s needs allows him to provide a high-quality approach to delivering projects. Problem solving in all areas of construction projects is one of Will’s greatest strengths. His ability to work through site matters, as well as delivering to the highest possible standard, whilst also having a firm eye on budget, helps his clients get the best result.

Peter Kendall Construction Operations Manager at St Ferrer Building Contractors

Peter Kendall

Peter Kendall, a seasoned and registered building practitioner, brings over 25 years of invaluable experience in the domestic building sector to his role as the Operations Manager at St Ferrer. With a diverse background encompassing sales, relationship management, and construction, Peter has demonstrated a steadfast commitment to quality and client satisfaction throughout his career.

His passion for ensuring exceptional client outcomes is evident in his approach to leveraging technology. Peter actively integrates cutting-edge solutions, creating streamlined systems that enhance efficiency and elevate the overall construction process. As a dedicated professional, he not only understands the intricacies of the industry but also possesses the strategic insight to drive St Ferrer to new heights in the ever-evolving construction landscape.

Brianna Wallace Financial Controller at St Ferrer Building Contractors

Brianna Wallace

With 15 years of comprehensive experience in finance management, Brianna has served as a Finance Team Manager with expertise spanning various industries. Her background includes three years specifically in the construction industry.

As the Financial Controller, Brianna is instrumental in facilitating timely transaction settlement and crafting comprehensive monthly cashflow flow forecasts and budgets. In addition, she adeptly executes strategic financial analyses, implements robust internal controls, and collaborates on financial planning initiatives, thereby enhancing St Ferrer’s financial stability and fostering sustained growth.

Mitchell Marino Design Manager at St Ferrer Building Contractors

Mitchell Marino

Mitchell’s construction career begun on-site a decade ago. Combining a strong foundation of site-based experience and a process driven mindset, Mitchell has a proven track record with the design management necessary within the industry.

Mitchell is skilled in leading cross-functional teams, managing design projects from concept to launch, and liaising with consultants, councils and surveyors. He prioritises team efficiency, high-quality design work, and empowering his team to create innovative design solutions. Mitchell excels in creative problem solving, providing strategic direction, and maintaining relationships with key stakeholders.

Gavin Challman Estimator at St Ferrer Building Contractors

Gavin Challman

Gavin has over a decade of experience across various sectors within the construction industry, both on and off site. Now in Estimating his previous site-based experiences are key to providing accurate costs and scopes for upcoming projects.

Thorough quality work is one of his many traits and he has the drive to ensure all projects he’s involved in are finished to the highest standard and on time. Part of achieving a high standard of work is a constant involvement in stakeholder management and ensuring that no stone is left unturned, and the clients/end user building experience and end product is nothing short of spectacular.

George Salmanis Strata Specialist at St Ferrer Building Contractors

George Salmanis

With a focused passion for the Strata sector, George leverages and applies his extensive industry knowledge, expertise, and connections as Strata Specialist.

George continues to forge and solidify his partnerships with strata managers, owners’ corporations, and industry experts, empowering them to manage building defects and address their unique building challenges efficiently and effectively.

George is driven by his unwavering commitment to excellence, leading to tailored solutions and unparalleled client satisfaction. He spearheads innovation and growth within the Strata community, ensuring St Ferrer remains at the forefront of delivering exceptional service and solutions.

George Siskamanis Project Coordinator at St Ferrer Building Contractors

George Siskamanis

George brings experience in various on site roles, as well as his formal qualifications to his role as Project Coordinator at St Ferrer. Commencing as a Cadet, and part of the team for over 2 years now, George has demonstrated his passion for the construction industry as he continues to take on new challenges and develop his knowledge. 

As Project Coordinator, George assists the project teams with the coordination of resources, equipment, meetings and information, with the goal of ensuring projects are completed on time and within budget. He has a myriad of strengths, including excellent people skills, and will go to great lengths to ensure client satisfaction.

Atakan Balkaya Project Coordinator at St Ferrer Building Contractors

Atakan Balkaya

Atakan comes to the St Ferrer team, drawing on his prior and formal qualifications. He demonstrates exceptional organisational skills, and adeptly manages multiple tasks concurrently. Within his current role, he offers invaluable support to both the estimating and project delivery teams.

Atakan’s responsibilities include a diverse range of tasks, such as coordinating with subcontractors during the tender stage, contributing to induction processes for ongoing projects (including assisting with SWMS), and readily addressing various ad hoc assignments. As he actively seeks out fresh challenges, he continuously grows his expertise and knowledge in the field.

Angela Cannuli Bid Manager at St Ferrer Building Contractors

Angela Cannuli

Angela brings a wealth of experience to the St Ferrer team, with 7 years of expertise in bid and marketing roles across various sectors, including the construction industry.

In her role as Bid Manager, Angela collaborates closely with our estimating and pre-construction teams. She plays a vital role in assisting with bid preparation, design, and submission, as well as creating supporting collateral. Her dedicated efforts ensure that we deliver comprehensive submissions meeting all client requirements.

Catherine Schryvers Brand Manager at St Ferrer Building Contractors

Catherine Schryvers

Catherine brings a unique blend of creativity and strategic insight to her role as Brand Manager at St Ferrer. Leveraging her extensive background as a Graphic Designer and UI/UX Designer, Catherine possesses a deep understanding of visual aesthetics and user experience.

Catherine oversees the development and execution of comprehensive brand strategies including the creation of marketing materials and management of advertising campaigns, ensuring consistent brand representation across all channels. Her analytical capability enables her to monitor and optimise branding performance, making data-driven decisions to enhance brand visibility and customer engagement.

Tim George Project Manager at St Ferrer Building Contractors

Tim George

Tim has over 19 years of experience within the construction industry. His diverse experience is gained from various roles, ranging from BOQ estimating to site management of custom luxury dwellings, and commercial project management.

Tim brings expertise across the planning, monitoring, and execution of construction-related activities, with a focus on compliance, as well as client communication and stakeholder management. His extensive knowledge across varying departments greatly assists in delivering the high-quality finishes that we, at St Ferrer, aim for on every project

Michael Antoniou Project Manager at St Ferrer Building Contractors

Michael Antoniou

Michael is a highly experienced construction professional with a proven track record in construction and project management, consultancy, and site roles (carpentry). With over 10 years of industry experience, he possesses a comprehensive skill set that enables him to effectively facilitate successful project delivery.

With his superior project, quality, and value management skills, Michael takes charge of overseeing the overall delivery of each project, ensuring adherence to timelines, budgets, and high-quality standards. His previous role as a construction manager, leading a team of 10 site managers, has equipped him with valuable leadership skills and the ability to successfully manage diverse teams and multiple projects simultaneously.

Martin Skidmore Site Manager at St Ferrer Building Contractors

Martin Skidmore

Martin holds a strong track record of delivering a solid mix of commercial building projects across aged care, retail, offices, heritage works and education. Whilst initially qualifying and working as a bricklayer, Martin has overseen projects at a supervisory level for over 10 years.

Martin’s strong stakeholder management skills ensure adherence to project specifications, programmes, budget, industry regulations and quality standards.

Fabio La Rosa Site Manager at St Ferrer Building Contractors

Fabio La Rosa

Beginning his career over 26 years ago, Fabio brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the St Ferrer team.

With experience across both Site Management and Project Management roles, and expertise in cladding remediation projects, Fabio facilitates the coordination of all on-site activities and subcontractor scheduling professionally and in accordance to Australian building codes and standards, OH&S procedures and high workmanship quality. Fabio is responsible for overseeing operations of the site under his control.

Michael Rostankovski Site Manager St Ferrer Building Contractors

Michael Rostankovski

Michael brings a wealth of diverse experience to the St Ferrer team, encompassing both commercial and residential construction. Commencing as a structural draftsman for an engineering firm, designing residential, commercial, and industrial projects, Michael gained a profound understanding of design and construct projects, as well as a keen grasp of architectural and engineering drawings.

Progressing further into site management, Michael has worked on prestigious luxury projects and high-rise multi-residential developments with budgets reaching up to $40 million. This experience has enhanced his skills in overseeing complex projects and ensuring successful project delivery.

Mitch Krause Site Manager at St Ferrer Building Contractors

Mitch Krause

Having embarked on his construction career over a decade ago, Mitch brings an extensive wealth of knowledge and experience to the St Ferrer team and each project he undertakes. His diverse portfolio of experience encompasses a wide range of projects, spanning from modest domestic renovations and new constructions to substantial commercial projects and modular builds.

As a team leader, Mitch takes great pride in executing projects, while prioritising the support and motivation of his team. His exceptional interpersonal skills enable him to effectively manage every aspect of a project, from its inception to its successful completion, consistently delivering results of the highest quality.

Ashley Freeman Site Manager at St Ferrer Building Contractors

Ashley Freeman

Ash brings over two decades of experience in the construction industry, with a noteworthy 15 years as a certified electrician. His extensive expertise spans across various high end residential, commercial, retail, and educational projects.

Having been an invaluable member of our team for over 5 years as Site Manager, Ash’s knowledge and experience as an electrician adds immense value to our electrical-focused projects. Through his honesty, vast experience, and diligent work ethic, Ash consistently delivers finished products that meet the highest standards of quality.

Darren Johns Site Manager at St Ferrer Building Contractors

Darren Johns

Darren’s extensive 20 years of experience as a refrigeration mechanic brings invaluable expertise to St Ferrer when it comes to managing projects involving mechanical services. His deep understanding of these systems gives us a significant advantage in delivering exceptional results. In addition to his role at St Ferrer, Darren has also successfully operated his own business as a refrigeration mechanic for over 15 years. This experience further enhances his wealth of knowledge and practical skills in the field.

His friendly, obliging and easy-going nature is why we pair him with our some of most sensitive of live environments.

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