Specialist Services

Sound Remediation

Increase DB levels in offices to achieve more audio secrecy.

We utilise methods from drop seals on doors, creating a second skin within a room lead lining, baffle blocking, double glazing to acoustic pinboards. St Ferrer uses a third party to test before and after to show the decline in the transfer of sound.

Security SCEC Zones 3-5

Design and construction of Security Zones 3 through to Zone 5.

With our extensive experience, we understand the protocols required to build Government departments and agencies zones to establish appropriate physical security environments for the protection of official information and assets.

Cladding Remediation

Removal of flammable facades, replaced with compliant non-combustible cladding.

We mitigate risks by working with the fire engineer, and ensure the building’s construction is not compromised during the remediation process. Our remediation services include investigation, solution engineering and rectification.

Data Rooms

Builds to many unique data room requirements and turnkey systems

This includes data room lighting, UPS, fire suppression systems, raised computer room floor or slab and the Computer Room Air Conditioning systems, (CRAC Units).

Soil Remediation

Managing the testing, treating and the removal of contaminated soil

This cleansing process involves soil extraction and disposal, and on some occasions, purifying and revitalising soil onsite


We work with the landlords checklist to return the rented premise back to the conditions stipulated within the lease.

This includes bringing essential services such as mechanical, electrical, fire and security back to base. We make sure the wall floor and ceiling finishes are as they were found at the beginning of the lease.


Early Contractor Involvement (ECI)

St Ferrer can be involved at an early stage to ensure there are no hidden issues with your projects.

  • Budget Estimates
  • Buildability
  • Evaluation of Engineering Services
  • Design Evaluation
  • Value Engineering

Delivery Models

St Ferrer commonly use four types of delivery models, all of them have their benefits depending on the client’s situation.


Design and Construct D&C

The builder manages all aspects of the build based on the budget, quality and design outcomes set by the client. St Ferrer also undertake a specialised fast track system if time sensitive delivery is required.


Fast Track D&C, Turnkey $50-$500k, 10-100 People

The St Ferrer fast track system is fine-tuned cost and time saving model primarily aimed at companies that need to act quickly to cater for expansion within their business. These companies don’t have the luxury of 3-6 months to engage designers or superintendents to manage the process.

We undertake a 2-day intensive specification, layout and needs analysis so we can immediately start documentation for owner’s consent and a builder’s permit.


Lump Sum (Fixed Price)

A Lump Sum Contract (or Fixed Price Contract) is a contract with a single lump sum price for all the works, and the contractor is responsible for completing the project within the agreed fixed cost set forth in the contract.


Construction Management (CM Fee) Open Book

The Builder simply charge a fee for the staffing and management and a percentage fee on the trade construction cost. That fee typically equates to about 10 to 15 percent.

The build supplies three quotes and the client with use of the builder’s due diligence chooses which one they want to engage.

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