We’re committed to the productivity of your business and strive for zero disruption to its day-to-day operations.


How we achieve it

As each project is different, we take time to understand your operational requirements through regular meetings with stakeholders and implement the following procedures:

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Install full-time, onsite site manager as a single point of contact

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Adopt building management protocols as part of site induction

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Ensure tenants are up-to-date with weekly meetings and signage in public areas


Early Contractor Involvement (ECI)

St Ferrer can be involved at an early stage to ensure there are no hidden issues with your projects.

  • Budget Estimates
  • Buildability
  • Evaluation of Engineering Services
  • Design Evaluation
  • Value Engineering

Delivery Models

St Ferrer commonly use four types of delivery models, all of them have their benefits depending on the client’s situation.


Design and Construct D&C

The builder manages all aspects of the build based on the budget, quality and design outcomes set by the client. St Ferrer also undertake a specialised fast track system if time sensitive delivery is required.


Fast Track D&C, Turnkey $50-$500k, 10-100 People

The St Ferrer fast track system is fine-tuned cost and time saving model primarily aimed at companies that need to act quickly to cater for expansion within their business. These companies don’t have the luxury of 3-6 months to engage designers or superintendents to manage the process.

We undertake a 2-day intensive specification, layout and needs analysis so we can immediately start documentation for owner’s consent and a builder’s permit.


Lump Sum (Fixed Price)

A Lump Sum Contract (or Fixed Price Contract) is a contract with a single lump sum price for all the works, and the contractor is responsible for completing the project within the agreed fixed cost set forth in the contract.


Construction Management (CM Fee) Open Book

The Builder simply charge a fee for the staffing and management and a percentage fee on the trade construction cost. That fee typically equates to about 10 to 15 percent.

The build supplies three quotes and the client with use of the builder’s due diligence chooses which one they want to engage.


Quality Management System

Exceed Industry Standards


We have developed an internally monitored Quality Management System that ensures both quality and accountability. Our system includes a suite of test and inspection plans that ensure we meet, and often exceed, industry standards for quality and efficiency. We are stringent about quality and base our processes on Tier 1 and Tier 2 standards—regardless of the cost of the job.

St Ferrer utilises Jonas Premiere as a readily accessible and central location for multiple information points, including finance and construction management. Operations & Compliance Manager can overview and manage national projects in real-time, with the capability of immediate distribution of information.


The team approach that St Ferrer took in its collaboration with Government contractors, and our EPA team resulted in a state-of-the-art facility, that was respectful to the original architecture. The fit out is just simply stunning!

Geoffrey Shepherd Manager Infrastructure – Division of the CFO EPA Victoria

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